Barcelona – One of the most fascinating cities of the Mediterranean coast

Barcelona – One of the most fascinating cities of the Mediterranean coast

Barcelona one of the most fascinating and spectacular cities of the Mediterranean coast and Europe.

Modern and classic at the same time. The city is stunning both day and night. Unforgettable in the winter and in the summer explosive. Barcelona is the eleventh most populous city of EU. With a population of 1,602,386 inhabitants according to 2014 statistics. Barcelona is not only the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia but also the capital of several international fairs, which gives the reputation of a cosmopolitan and technological city.

The city receives annually more than seven million tourists according to reports of Barcelona Tourism, despite the crowds that visit this wonderful city, is the fifteenth safest city in the world. The Catalan capital is divided into 10 districts, one prettier than the other, each with their characteristics and their histories, their cultures and their architecture, its beaches, its trends and its festivals, we would like to share with you, but not only the wonders of the city, but also in Catalonia and Spain.

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