Barrio Gotico – Gothic Quarter – Tradition and Style

Barrio Gotico – Gothic Quarter – Tradition and Style

Gothic Quarter one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona with more tradition and style.

The streets of this wonderful neighborhood has very pedestrian streets narrow but very popular among tourists who love the monuments in this area as: monuments of the period of the Roman Empire and also monuments of modern culture.

The Gothic Quarter to start from Plaza Catalunya along La Rambla to Via Laietana.

Gothic Quarter known for its artisan shops, boutiques and authentic restaurants. One of the most popular streets for both foreigners and the indigenous people is the Portal del Angel – a commercial street. It is famous for its shops as El Corte Ingles and other such international stores and food.

The apartments are very popular for people, because the buildings are emblematic and have a lot of history. Most are from the XIV-XV century.

Monuments with more interest are:

Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia known among tourists as Barcelona Cathedral. This monument is the residence of arhipiscopo of Barcelona. Historical monument built in Gothic style. Inside the cathedral there is a green courtyard where live white ducks that symbolize purity of Santa Eulalia.

Palau Reial Major – former residence of the graphs of Barcelona and the Kings of Aragon.

Plaza Reial – built in the nineteenth century according to the draft Molina was a former monastery.

Plaza de San Jaime – the name comes from St. James Church which was distributed the year 1823. Today the square is surrounded by several buildings emblematic as Barcelona City Council, Generalitat de Catalunya. On holidays in the square is the traditional Catalan dance.

Basilica de la Mare de Deu de la Merce – built in the years 1765 – 1775. In his project the architect Josep Mas i Dordal did reinforce the ancient basilica St. Mihail. In the basilica can be one of the oldest wooden sculpture of Our Lady of Mercy – the sculptor Pere Moragues.

Cuatro Gatos – Four Cats – very famous restaurant in the area, guests of which were Pablo Picasso, Antonio Gaudi, Julio Gonzalez, Isaac Albeniz and others.

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