Ciutat Vella – One of the 10th districts of Barcelona

Ciutat Vella – One of the 10th districts of Barcelona

The municipal Ciutat Vella or Old Town district is one of the 10th districts of Barcelona.

Did you know that Ciutat Vella is the number one city district and covers an area of ​​4.49 km 2. According to the National Statistics Institute the district has about 104 507 inhabitants. And it is the 3rd most densely populated district of Barcelona.

The history of the city begins in the same district that was locked around around the perimeter of the Roman walls until the twelfth century.

Currently Ciutat Vella is divided into 4 districts: El Raval, Gothic, La Barceloneta and San Pedro and Santa Catalina Rivera.

El Raval – is a very popular district among tourists for its atmosphere. Here is the central market of Barcelona – La Boqueria – explosive for their colors, exotic fruits, meats, fish and other delicacies of the Mediterranean Sea. El Raval is multicultural neighborhood. If you want to rent a cheap apartment this will be the right barium. If you come to do shopping for a better price this is the place you can find a variety of boutiques and shops.

Lovers of living in a new build apartment bright with large windows will not be in proper neighborhood, as all building in this neighborhood are over 100 years old, with small windows, not very high ceilings, and most buildings have no elevator.

But I want to mention that the neighborhood changed since the Genarilidad invests money to restore the reputation of this neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood with a lot of output and future. Investors who have invested their money in tourist apartments in this area is the 100% occupancy, which demonstrates the intense activity of this neighborhood. While many also invest in shops in this neighborhood, because tourists go up and businesses alike.

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