El Ensanche in Catalan The Eixample – The gold Box

El Ensanche in Catalan The Eixample – The gold Box

El Ensanche in Catalan The Eixample.

The district in the center of the city, and regarded as the newer part of town is El Eixample. Eixample has an area of ​​7.46 km2. This modern barium is located north of Plaza Catalunya and to the left and right of Passeig de Gracia.

The Eixample considered a new barium began to be created in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, according to the urban plan created by engineer Ildefonso Cerda. In his reform plan it was the Cerda grid plan criteria, having a quadrangular, open and egalitarian structure, regarded as something innovative for its time. That is, I wanted to get their designs as the streets were so cuadricular and inside green spaces, to make life more comfortable for citizens. After a great effort and a great job in 1860 they decided to make reality the plan of Ildefonso Cerda.

Over time, once he said district was created, it developed and architecture. Thanks to Lluis Domenech i Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Antoni Gaudí are among the architects who have created their work in building these new neighborhood, little by little, it become district in a district for people with high purchasing power – the class bourgeois of his time.

Until today these landmarks of modern architecture, which are like a museum outdoors, and much admired by both foreign and domestic tourists are preserved, and not alone. The apartments in these buildings have high ceilings, large windows, mosaic, majestic goals with concierge. Today there is much supply and demand of these bourgeois apartments in the center of Barcelona and the price depending on quality varies, but the approximate retail price of an apartment in Eixample is from 4,000 € / m2.

The limitations between Aribau street and Paseo Sant Joan, at the bottom of the Plaza Catalunya and Avenida Diagonal at the top – are considered the gold box, with the main shaft the famous Paseo de Gracia.

This table is very prestigious Golden and not just for Spanish. Those who want to buy a home in this area does not really have a lot of supply, since the flat sold in gold box are few and very quickly sold because there is a demanded very high for this area although the price these spectacular property sales are from 9000 € / m2.

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